Handling Co-Star Auditions with Hermie Castillo EP:2

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It’s about the number of impressions you make. First you build the quantity and then you can show them [casting] the quality.
— Hermie Castillo

In Episode 2, we featured Hermie Castillo, actor, Navy Sailor, comedy sketch writer, and postcard embracer. 

Ask yourself, how many times you have wracked your brain about delivering a Co-Star one liner? 

As an actor who received his first Co-Star credit without the help from an agent or manager and seven Co-Stars in seven months, it seems like Hermie Castillo might be able to provide an answer to that. Luckily for us, and our listeners, he was much more interested in sharing his tips on getting on an agent’s radar and his philosophy on acting.

If you haven’t heard of Hermie Castillo, you have probably heard of Scandal, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Superstore, and Mom which are just some of the show he’s been on. Each one has been a stepping stone for Hermie’s career in the right direction. 

The secret behind Castillo’s success is simple, he just reminds himself, “I always have to learn.”

For Hermie, there’s much more than just surviving in this industry. There’s making “impressions” and having those impressions put a smile on the face on the faces of casting directors and the professionals he works with.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to work on Co-Star auditions

  • The best types of cold emails to send agents

  • Why the number of impressions you make on a casting director is essential

  • How to send post-cards to casting director and agents

  • & much more!

I am very excited for you to hear this interview with actor on the rise Hermie Castillo!

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