Surviving The Self-Tape with Selina Kaye EP:3

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Allow yourself to have all the emotions in the world
— Selina kaye

From humble beginnings in Buffalo, NY, Selina Kaye found her love for acting by chance. It was because of an extra credit assignment that Selina was inspired to travel across the country to Los Angeles and pursue acting. 

For Selina, acting is a true love affair. In Episode 3, Kaye tells us about her love for self-tapes. She goes through the ins and outs of the self-tape and what it’s like to succeed without even being seen in person. 

Selina is a true enthusiast of acting. 

You can’t speak to her without be infected by her genuine lust towards working and creating full characters for every audition she gets. Her love for the CW network is charming and her down to earth perspective on the business makes this interview one of my favorites by far.

Selina opens up about where she is today in her career and admits that at the time this episode was recorded she hadn’t booked a job. But I believe Selina is unfazed by the natural ups and downs of this industry. You won’t be able to watch or listen to this interview, without coming to the conclusion that Selina’s definition of success isn’t confined to just booking, but rather, relishing in the entire experience itself. 

Her mantra is simple “That’s your time, make sure you leave there knowing you did your best possible work.”

In this episode you will learn:

  • The tools you need to complete a Self-Tape audition from start to finish

  • How to produce top level quality in your self-tapes

  • How to book a self-tape audition

  • What to do to make your bi-costal team happy

  • & much more!

I am very excited for you to hear this interview with modern actor Selina Kaye!

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