Alex Alcheh: New York vs. La + Creating the first Syracuse University Alumni Showcase EP:4

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New day, fresh start, I’m gonna bring my ideas to life.
— Alex Alcheh on moving to Los Angeles

In Episode 4, Actor, Director, Writer and Friend Alex Alcheh shares with us his journey from New York to Los Angeles and the story behind the creation of the first west-coast Syracuse University Alumni Showcase.

One common trait among successful actors is a sense of vision—spotting a need and responding without hesitation to address it, even when that means taking a risk.

 Alex Alcheh is a prime example. As an actor who spent a thousand dollars on an agent showcase, he had long struggled with feeling like he was actually showcasing his “real” self, and what he saw was a lack of authenticity in the market. But what he realized through talking to other artist friends was that the problem was much bigger than his own, so he started working on the idea of creating a showcase for actors BY actors. 

“So I wanted to showcase the real parts of people…the real me,” Alex tells The Modern Actor.

Despite feeling in over his head a couple of times along the way, Alex stuck with his vision and enlisted the help of his co-producer MaryAnn Pianka. Together they produced 11 scenes—six filmed and five live. Alex’s showcase successfully partnered agents and managers with this burgeoning group of thespians. 

Now approaching seven years in the business, he has used the showcase experience as a springboard to confidence, as he pursues more directorial endeavors as well as continues to hone his acting craft on tv and film sets in LA. 

Alex’s self-starter, collaborative and visionary qualities, have added up to a versatile body of work, all in the face of serious business and personal hurdles. 

Interviewing Alex Alcheh is a huge triumph for me, as he embodies the essence of a modern actor today.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why Alex Alcheh is one of the reasons why I created The Modern Actor.

  • How his absurdly high falsetto helped him find his passion for acting.

  • What his experience in New York taught him about facing his fears? And the silver lining in his apartment burning down. Don' worry no one was hurt.

  • We discuss the differences between an actor in New York and LA, and how he decided to create, direct and act in the first west-coast Syracuse University Alumni Showcase within his first year in Los Angeles.

  • Why Alex never wanted to go to film school, but just wanted to do it.

  • And what directing has taught him about his own acting.

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