Running To Your Next Great Audition


You get the audition email and you scan for the audition time.  It reads 12pm, 3pm, or *sighs* my personal favorite the 4:30pm. It is not easy to keep your energy up for a mid-day audition. You can sleep well the night before and still find yourself nodding off waiting for the clock to wind down.

Not to worry! I have found that going for a run an hour before my audition improves my performance. Here's why:

1. It Increases Your Focus

I would argue that running along a track or through your neighborhood requires the same amount of focus as your audition does. Whether, it is watching out for oncoming runners or upcoming lines, you need to remain alert and mentally sharp. 

2. You Can "Run" Your Lines

I usually talk my lines to myself over and over while I'm running. It's always good to practice them while doing things. It ensures that you are keeping the lines from becoming stale and robotic.

3. It Gives You The Energy You Need For The Scene

The blood and oxygen flowing through your body immediately gets your heart pumping and brain working. Exercise physiologist Ken Sparks, Ph.D of Cleveland, a leading U.S. master runner says, "Endorphins elevate your immune system and give you a big boost of energy." 

4. It Strengthens Your Wobbly Audition Legs

Acting is so physical and being in good physical shape is very important. Running will strengthen those wobbly legs if your audition requires you to stand.       


Take It From Me

I am adamant about getting a run in before I head to an audition. For a while I stopped running before my auditions and had my worst year since I moved to LA in 2013. I didn't book for a year. Since, I incorporated running three miles back into my audition routine, I have consistently gotten callbacks and producer sessions—many in the same week. I booked my current guest star role on Animal Kingdom and a commercial for EA Sports using this method.

I find what works for me is listening to Hip-Hop music and actively searching for songs during my run, not just letting a playlist go. This keeps me engaged and motivated during my run. Not to mention, I feel like I can take on the world after listening to some Eminem. 


Badass Audition Playlist- 1hr 15m

Eddie Ramos as Theo_Incorporated .jpg

Every Badass needs a theme song...Here's Sixteen songs to bump on your way to and from your next audition. You're welcome. 

The Modern Actor Playlist


This blog post was actually inspired by my old roommate and her girlfriend. Her girlfriend is an aspiring actress and expressed that she felt at times she lacked confidence when walking into her auditions. We were all joking one day when my roommate suggested her girlfriend needed to listen to some, 'Eminem or some Gangsta rap' to get her in the mindset to crush her auditions. Although, I was laughing along it reminded me that when I was most stressed for an audition, I would put some music on and they were turned successful. If Rap and Hip-Hop isn't your jam then find out what type of music pumps you up on those days when your head is just not in the game. And in the words of Frozen "Let It Go!" :)

What type of music do you listen to before an audition? What songs am I missing on this playlist? Fill me in!