Optimizing Your Social Media with Orel De La Mota

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I don’t like to go by knowledge, I like to go by imagination.
— Orel De La Mota on going against the grain

An accomplished dancer, entrepreneur, influencer, and actor, Orel De La Mota shares how he's crafted a bountiful career in Hollywood. 

A skilled and talented actor who's been acting since he was a child in the Dominican Republic, was surrounded by older brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry. 

"I like to excel above what I've already seen,"De La Mota says. "I don't like to go by knowledge, I like to go by imagination."

He describes himself as a 'Man-Child' and during our talk you come to understand what he means by that. 

Inspired by the brilliant minds of Steve Jobs and the Wright Brothers, he knew he needed to go farther than his family had gone. 

A Mission To The Top

Orel has an unwavering confidence in himself and his brand. His degree in Economics has given him a unique advantage of knowing where he fits and how to market his talents, so casting can take notice—which they have time and time again. 

"Where is the supply low and the demand high in the same place?" That was the question he asked himself during his final semester at Ohio State University, where he graduated from. He knew Los Angeles offered him his best odds of achieving success. 

In this Interview you will learn: 

  • Branding and economic lessons to help you decide what market is best for you

  • The best advice Orel has ever received about auditioning

  • How to set yourself apart from the crowd

  • His "Perfect Daily Routine"

  • Everything you need to know about social media for actors like:

    • What type of content should I share?

    • Do I have to be on every social media platform?

    • How to hashtag to get more views to your post

  • & so much more!

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