Bonjour Friend,


I hope you are doing extremely well. Finding self-love, peace of mind, and clarity of purpose every day.


We can all agree that travel is good for the soul, and that a change of scenery can be the thing you need to reset your perspective. So a couple of weeks ago I went to New Orleans with my girlfriend and her family. We ate spicy cajun food, saw 15-foot alligators, and spent hours listening to live jazz music in the French Quarter.


It was the breath of fresh air I needed. 


While I was in the French Quarter, I came across a row of Improv-Poets, armed with heavy vintage typewriters at their laps offering to write a poem on any topic. I suggested the reason I had come to New Orleans in the first place.


Inspiration for an Actor


I explained to my traveling rambler the struggles I was having staying inspired and motivated as a young actor in Hollywood, to which he nodded understandingly, in the way only another artist could. He typed away ferociously and minutes later he read the following poem amongst the clamor of trumpets seeping from the various club entrances.

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