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Eddie Ramos

Founder and Creator 


Welcome Modern Actors!

I am the founder and creator of The Modern Actor. I was born and raised in Queens, NY. Graduated from Syracuse University with a B.F.A in Acting and a Minor in Political Science in 2013. I was done freezing my butt off, so I decided to move to sunny Los Angeles right out of college. I currently live here today!

With an emphasis on helping young actors navigate through the beginning of their careers—I offer my thoughts and experiences on the daily life of being a young actor in Hollywood to promote both prepared and confident artists. 

It's about YOU!

In my years as a working actor I know what's it like to scour the internet for that magic interview or secret formula laid out by famous actors to help me navigate my career. But I come back from my search with tips that don't really apply. It's always a story about an actor who knew so and so, whose parents were actors, or doesn't reveal anything at all about their process.

I want to change all that for you! 

That's why I have condensed  what I have learned in 17 years of acting and transformed it into actionable lessons, products, and tutorials to teach you how to become a successful actor.  It may not be a secret formula, because I don't believe one exists, but I will share my journey and the journey of other actors in order to guide you along your path to acting success. 

  • To teach you everything I know that works about acting technique and business of acting stemming from my 17 years as an actor

  • Increase your knowledge about the art of acting

  • To decrease the number of pitfalls and obstacles you face when it comes to acting and all it's many parts

  • To help you grow your confidence and preparedness in every audition situation

  • To motivate you to push past any self doubt or negative self talk that is getting in your way of becoming a great actor

The Modern Actor Podcast

That's why one of the tools I created is The Modern Actor Podcast and Video Interviews. My goal is to highlight a rising young artist in every episode. Our guests will share insights on pitfalls to avoid, how to book, and what's fueling them today! 

Join me and The Modern Actor for a glimpse into the world of rising artists in the industry! 

Past guest on the show include... Ajay Jhaveri, Shannon Sturges, Mapuana Makia, Natalia Ochoa, Orel De La Mota and many more to come! 

The Modern Actor Products

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