How to Discover and Develop Your Unique Skills with Ajay Jhaveri of Argentum Photo Lab

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Thirty-eight years ago Ajay Jhaveri left his life as a math and physics major in India and came to Los Angeles with the dream of reinventing himself. Now he wants to help actors do the same with his company Argentum Photo Lab. 

"The only requirement you need to shoot with us is to have passion for what you're doing," says Jhaveri. That's what he relied on early in his career as a young photographer, as property managers refused to rent him a space to start his headshot printing business. 

I had no money, no bank account, no credit, as far as the business world was concerned I didn’t exist.

Ajay got tired of being rejected over and over and spoke candidly to an property owner, "Look I don't have [the above], but I got a lot of determination, I have a skill, your space has been empty for a while, its gonna be hard to rent it, will you take a chance on me? What's the worst that can happen, I don't pay you rent—you throw my ass out of here," recalls Jhaveri. The man didn't take a security deposit, didn't charge him first and last, and handed him the keys. The rest is history. 

This is all part of Ajay Jhaveri's sacred mission to build a life he loves and equip others to do the same. Whether it's through headshots or his social media consulting service, actors are encouraged to discover their unique skills. 

As founder of Argentum Photo Lab, Jhaveri has redefined his company's unique set of skills. He has since built the number of promotional services for actors in order for them to find the freedom and flow necessary to succeed.

"We don't take your headshot, we make your headshot together, Jahveri proudly states. 

 In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • How to tell the difference between a photographer and a headshot photographer in order to save you money and get a product you are happy with

  • The 5 tools every actor needs to have to be successful

  • What two things you need to start a business

  • Ajay shares the story of how he started Argentum Photo Lab thirty years ago

  • What's even more important than a headshot for an actor to have in this day and age

  • & so much more!

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