Finding Balance in the Industry with Laura Mitchell Ep: 5

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I use all my life experiences in my craft.
— Laura Mitchell

Laura Mitchell is someone who appreciates the value of her experiences. She is an actress, coach, and teacher at Rogues West Acting Studio in Vancouver, Canada. Laura’s core beliefs are apparent in her acting and her teaching.

Mitchell connects to her career and students through her real-world experiences. From acting at a young age to then stopping for years at her mothers behest, due to the dishonest behaviors her mom witnessed at the expense of innocent children. Laura recounts a story about casting agents rewarding their favorite actors with lollipops and dismissing the unchosen talent empty-handed. Although, she’s able to laugh it off now, Laura stressed how damaging this was to her love for acting.

Luckily, after years away from the stage, Mitchell decided to pursue acting once again. It was during her time at Concordia College, in Montreal, studying English literature that she was sparked with the desire to act. Following her childhood hobby, she left Montreal half way through her schooling and picked up acting full-time back in Vancouver.

As with any success story, Mitchell’s career didn’t take off in a flash. She regretfully admits to wasting some of the early years on partying and not taking her career as seriously as she does now. After one too many missed opportunities, Laura had enough and vowed not to let another one slip by on account of anything else, other than her performance.

Laura is now a seasoned actor whose trials and tribulations have shaped her into a dynamic actress with emotional depth and range.

In Episode 5, Laura skypes in from Canada to discuss Finding Balance in the Industry and shares her story as well as her thoughts on a multitude of topics that young actors face on a daily basis. From practical tools, to what it’s like for Canadian actors to book jobs in America, to her thoughts on how the #MeToo Movement is changing the showbiz culture. Laura’s interview is a must-listen.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The audition mindset that both Laura and I share

  • What Laura does to stay balanced in her career

  • The good and bad aspects of being an actor in Vancouver

  • Listen to Laura's personal story about encountering sexual harassment in the industry

  • & much more!

I am thrilled that Laura reached out to talk on The Modern Actor. I think you are all going to enjoy this one!

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